Regent Cupboards use only the best products for your kitchen and Technistone is one of them. Technistone comes with a 20 year Limited Residential Warranty. Below is an article from Technistone SA taken from for your reading.


Quartz surfaces have surpassed any other product – including granite and marble – and thanks to TECHNISTONE‘s zero porosity, it is hygienic, extremely well suited and the 1st choice for kitchen tops, counter and bar tops, restaurants, fireplace surrounds, tiles and cladding.
TECHNISTONE, one of the most advanced surface materials in the world is now used extensively in Africa, America, Europe and Australasia.
Due to the environmental impact of quarrying raw materials such as granite and marble, a new product was demanded by consumers. TECHNISTONE, manufactured through a patented process from Breton Technology, produces high performance quartz surfaces in a wide range of colours to compliment any building project and enhance any living space.
20 year Limited Residential Warranty

It is hard to believe that a surface so elegant and beautiful can be so durable and with only minimal effort, this beauty will last for years to come.
Here are a few tips on how to keep your TECHNISTONE surface looking its best.


Routine Care

Clean the surface after each use with mild detergent soap and water and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
After prolonged or heavy exposure to oils, acidic or deeply coloured fruits/vegetables that have been prepared on the surface but not cleaned off promptly, it may be necessary to clean the surface with warm water and a small amount of standard non-abrasive household cleaner such as some of the following. However, please be sure to thoroughly rinse the residue of these cleaning products off the surface as soon as possible.
Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner
Liqui Cleen Cream
Easy Off Bang Gel
On occasion, stubborn substances such as hard water spots, food colouring or dried food particles may accumulate on the surface and appear as stains therefore seeming to be resistant to removal. Don’t worry, these are surface blemishes and can be removed gently with a soft abrasive cleaner and a pink and white Scotch-Brite® pad.
Green and red Scotch-Brite® pads should not be used as they are too abrasive.
Rinse the surface after the use of these cleaners and wipe dry.
For the toughest blemishes such as nail polish and permanent marker, use a pink and white Scotch-Brite® pad and acetone to remove the blemish and then rinse the surface well with soap and water.
TECHNISTONE is 99.9% solid so whatever appears on the surface is not in the product and can be cleaned off with care and patience.

Things to Avoid

Prolonged exposure to excessive heat from pots, skillets or poorly insulated crock pots may damage the surface due to thermal shock.

When setting a heated object on a TECHNISTONE surface, you must use a trivet or hot pad.

When cutting up fruits, vegetables and meats, a cutting board should be used.

While the natural quartz of TECHNISTONE will resist scratches from knives and utensils, a cutting board will make the surface easier to clean and prolong the appearance of the surface.

Most household chemicals do not affect TECHNISTONE surfaces but there are some household agents that should be avoided such as drain cleaners, oven cleaners, paint removers/strippers etc. These contain Methylene Chloride or other chemicals with a high Alkaline/PH level and should be removed immediately with warm water and detergent cleaner should they come into contact with the surface. Even brief contact with these substances may damage your TECHNISTONE surface.

Avoid sitting, standing or climbing on your bench top as well as knocking, dropping or bumping the product with heavy items.